Thursday, 22 December 2011


"Ouch, that hurts." said the boy on the chair.
"Don't worry, it's over." replied the doctor as she took the syringe away.
Timmy was having his flu shot, but this one was a bit more painful than the others. He couldn't wait to get home and roll into his striped blanket that he likes so much. It had a bright yellow color with some dark green stripes and for some odd reason, it calmed him, whilst his mother called it "a piece of garbage".

After he arrived home with a lollipop in his mouth, courtesy of the "nice" doctor, he entered his room, and just as he was about to get into bed, he noticed that the blanket wasn't there.
He asked his mom and she said that she had thrown it away. At that moment, Timmy had a rage fit, slamming stuff around the room, turning bright red and yelling at his mother, who, didn't exactly know why he was so upset.
Of course, this was just a ploy to see if he actually liked it, as she liked it as well, but only said that it was garbage to annoy him.

As Timmy fell asleep, in anger, he was shocked when he woke up and was covered in his blanket. He went to his mother to tell her that was sorry. She said that it was her fault as well, for pushing him like that.
They both hugged and never argued about the blanket.

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