Friday, 28 February 2014

Piping problems - for Flash Friday

I’ve been at this damn pipe for the past hour or so. And so have they…been watching me.
When a trickle of sweat poured from my chin, this skinny boy yelled as if he wanted me to die. I bet he does since I’m a native and his country conquered mine.

Regardless, this is my tenth pipe of the day and it’s not even noon. I’m thirsty, hungry and tired, but I have ten more hours to go. And I do this daily, without pay, with little food and sleep. 

Yet, I know it’ll all be worth it once it happens. They won’t know how to figure out it was my doing. That I shifted things with this pipe and the men in the tanks won’t be able to breathe. 
Serves them right for invading. I guess this is how Napoleon felt when his troops fell in Russia.

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