Thursday, 6 March 2014

Birds quarreling - for Five Sentence Fiction

"Can't you see this branch is taken, you bluebird?"
"But there's a tiny space between you two, enough so I can fit in."
"Nonsense, you twitting speck. Go on, scram."
"Can't you stop it? I'm tired of flying all over."
"No. Buzz off."

Todays theme is Furious. More at Five Sentence Fiction.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi - Question ???

      How can furious be cute?

    2. Perhaps she saw it as birds chirping to each other in a funny way.
      Or perhaps from the absurdity of the scene.

  2. How dare you fly and land on our tree?
    This tree is only for birds like us and not like you.

    Discrimination appears to be all over and unfortunately there's no way to stop it.

  3. Feel sorry for the little blue-bird being hounded by the other two birds.