Friday, 7 March 2014

War-torn soldiers - for Flash Friday

Here come the soldiers,
With their rifles on their shoulders,
and their war-torn bayonets
that left enemies without helmets.

This is part of a song I frequently hear in this bar, Vivre la vie; french for Living life.
I asked the waiter here and he said it happened during one of the World Wars.
A group of french soldiers made their way in this place, sat at a table and yelled at the waiter to bring them beer.
Everybody was shocked. The soldiers' weapons were spurting out blood and guts, their clothes were drenched in the red liquid and their faces were a mixture of crimson and brown, yet, they were merry.
They started clapping and singing one of those grotesque songs about killing enemies with savagery.
He said that every person in the locale tagged along, and they did that for the whole night, at which point, the soldiers passed out, dead, from injuries.

For this week's Flash Friday.

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