Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The apartment

Jackie knew that the front door had been left open, but he knew nothing of what was inside.

The apartment had been done over by the repairmen and the whole lot, all it needed now was his seal of approval.

Yet, when he entered, he saw decrepitness all over, which begged him to think about the quality of work, or lack thereof. 

It smelled horribly, the pipes were leaking, the carpets were stained, the walls were sullied and he even saw several roaches roaming around.

The whole thing stank of phoniness and lack of hard work, but there was a noise coming from the kitchen, which made him go there, thinking it was a rat or something similar.

When he entered, the noise was being made by the refrigerator, so he opened it, only to discover something that... captured people.

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