Monday, 6 August 2012

An accident

As Jennifer was breaking a glass by accident, her father had had enough.
"That's the last straw." he said.
He was furious because of the way she acted, all arrogant and breaking things or tearing them up. However, this time it was an accident. Somebody left the glass on the edge of the table and she lowered herself to pick something up, but when she got up, she touched the table and the glass fell.

The father decided to ignore her and give her no allowance. Instead, he used that money to buy things to replace the ones she broke or tear.
Days, weeks, even months have passed and he still hadn't spoken to her, even though she tried very hard to be sympathetic, cooking for him was one thing. But he wouldn't eat the food and make something else himself.

Although she was frustrated by this outcome, she had to live with it knowing it was her fault for the situation.
However, one fateful morning, while she was walking around in the kitchen and he was cooking for himself, he somehow slipped and fell on the floor. He had a pan filled with hot oil in his hand and, as it was about to splash onto him, she caught the handle and made sure there wasn't any drops spilled.
The father was in shock, but he got up and hugged her. 
"I'm sorry." he whispered in her ear.
Tears started to come down from her eyes. Tears of joy knowing things were looking up instead of down, for the first time since that glass breaking.

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