Tuesday, 7 August 2012


"All alone in this ugly world." Alice said to herself.
"I've never felt joy, only sorrow. I think my moments of happiness occurred when I snuck around the corner and immersed myself in my own world, like I am now. I don't care what all the others think. Just because I have a sad face doesn't mean I am sad, it's my mimic."
But Alice was upset because she had been abandoned by her parents and been brought up in an orphanage. She always felt empty because of that and hated everyone, mostly herself.

One day, a couple to the orphanage and wanted a young daughter. They looked around and saw Alice, a cute 6-7 year old girl, with red hair, something they always wanted. It was love at first sight, for them, at least.
After the files had been signed, she left with the couple.

The first week was incredibly difficult for all three. The couple did everything they could to please the girl, but it felt awkward. She didn't want to eat, she didn't want to do anything. She even did her old routine of sneaking around a corner and talking to herself, of course, without them noticing.
On the ninth day she saw something that changed their relationship. 
Although she was aware of writing, Alice never tried it. Mainly because the people at the orphanage never bought her anything.
That notebook and pen made her feel alive, they made her feel happiness, for the first time.

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