Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dancing through the leaves

"Autumn, good old Autumn. My favorite season has commenced." said Alison.
She had had a difficult couple of months and wanted to kick-start her life again, but didn't know how. Or failed to do so.
She tried different things like knitting or doing something different every night, she even adopted a new way of life, but it didn't help.
Poor old Alison, that's what certain people that knew her said. From a charming and cheery person, she became apathetic.
Walking around with brown hair, she dyed it in a more reddish tone, which made stand out in public.

Despite the knowledge that she was wanted by certain, Alison didn't feel at all needed, it was more the opposite.
But there she was, in her room, looking out the window as the first brown leaves started to touch the ground, making for a splendid sight.
As she was living near the woods, she decided to go out for a stroll.

Walking through the woods, she felt this frenzy, this ecstasy that overwhelmed her. She began hearing a beautiful melody, one that made her dance.
Alison, as a introverted person who never danced, began doing it now, in the middle of the woods, hearing something that was only in her head. And it made her feel like she never felt before.

After this encounter, her life changed. Not overnight and not feeling the effects consciously. Alison began doing things that she loved and didn't know about, without it seeming odd.

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