Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Story #168 - It was supposed to be a regular day (final part)

I went back inside his pad, with my legs zigzagging all over the wrong places. I had to balance myself with my arms on the side, but once I entered his house, I had the support of the wall.
Inching my way forward, he put his hand on my left shoulder while hoisting me up from the right side. 
"Thought you might need a hand."
I didn't say anything. I carried on walking like nothing had happened. 
As we approached the living room, Stacy appeared.
"Did you guys just make out?"
We looked at each other with mouths open and eyebrows raised, then back at her.
"Yes, we made out." Jim said. We both started to laugh.
"Alright, made up, made up..." She scratched her head as she looked at the floorboards.
"So, where are those burgers or whatever?"
"Oh, I called the burger place. The delivery man will bring them in about twenty minutes." He said.
"Great. I need to sit down now." I said and nudged him along, and he caressed me along until I reached the seat.
I was upset minutes ago, yet I'm fine now. I'm weird.

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