Monday, 29 February 2016

Story #188 - Waiting

Some people said that you sleep a third of your life. You eat for a quarter of your life. You study and work for the other third. And the last bit is waiting.
Waiting and waiting for something to happen. Anything. 
You wait to see if you pass the test, pass the grade, pass the year. You wait to see if that shy boy or girl says yes going out, and then you have to wait until you see them; you also have to wait to see if you truly felt a spark.
You eat something, and you to see how you feel. It might make you fat, so you have to workout and wait for the results. It might make you sick, in which case you go to the pharmacy, wait there to get your pills, come home, and wait to see if it's helpful.
Oh, did I mention that if you have a child, you have to wait hours upon hours at the hospital? You get bonus points if you're a guy who spends his whole time there and hold her hand. If she squeezes too tight, squeeze back and see what she says.
Waiting...go to the store, see your doctor, see your friends, family. You wait for all of these.
They say you sleep for a third of your life. I think you wait for three quarters of your life. I don't know about the last quarter.

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