Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Story #182 - Park bench therapy (part 1)

"There isn't anyone else on the bench."
"Yeah. Looks like it."
"I've passed by here all day. Are you okay?"
"I'm healthy if that's your question."
"I don't think you are."
"Because I'm sitting on a bench in the park?"
"Because you look down, and every time I went on this road your head was down. Even now."
"Yes, well..."
"Come on, tell me about it."
"Why not?"
"You're a stranger."
"Exactly. You look like the kind that can't talk to your parents about this stuff. Or anybody else for that matter."
"I guess so."
"Since I'm a stranger, I will vanish out of your life after this conversation. You have nothing to lose if you share your sorrows."
"Probably not. But it's hard."
"I know. You to get better, yes?"
"Heh. That's a yes. Why not we start from today with snail steps."
"Snails don't take steps."
"Pedantic, huh?"
"You are. And that's great. Everyone has their own uniqueness."
"Not everyone, but thanks, I guess."
"I take it you like compliments, yet you can't accept them for some strange reason?"
"Have you ever had a pet?"
"A cat."
"Did you like it?"
"Yes and no. It died anyway."
"Did that make you sad?"
"Yes. I was surprised that I even shed tears."
"It must have meant something."
"I suppose... Yeah, it left an impression on me. I haven't had anything die before, and what died after didn't affect me."
"Then that first time was the catalyst. Have you cried after?"
"There were reasons, but no."
"Do you miss that?"

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