Thursday, 11 February 2016

Story #170 - Going hermit

Sometimes when you run, you get crazy ideas. It's like a super power that only happens when you're in that kind of motion. I was running by the southbank, and the river was pretty high up against the barricades. The water didn't look appealing, and I'm sure there are dead things down there somewhere. But through all that grittiness I thought about going for a swim. I'm not best swimmer around, and I'm lacking in practice, so my mind flew to hermits of all things.
I realize how and why people do that. They get bored with others, they don't want contact of any kind, they know they can get by with the bare minimum, and they like to forage at times. I get it, it's minimalism to an M. 
And because they're doing that, they can go hiking the wildest hills and peaks, they can go swimming in rivers, streams and go down crazy waterfalls that people living in cities go to once or twice in their life, if that. 
They're lucky in a way. Getting to live free of others, and especially, free from the state's issues. 
I'm sure I'm not saying everything that's great about this type of living, but I'm sure that what we find trivial on social media and TV, they'd look at us funny and wonder what the heck is wrong with us. 
Indeed, what the heck is wrong with us?

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