Saturday, 27 February 2016

Story #186 - Park bench therapy (part 5)

"You want to do more?"
"I'm feeling pumped up, so yes."
"Then, how about we sit on a bench?"
"Why would we do that?"
"To tell me what you've learned."
"What I've learned? That's stupid. If you wanted to deflate me, you succeeded."
"I didn't want that."
"That's why I don't like going around with people."
"But I made you do something you would have never done on your own."
"And you know why I couldn't do it on my own?"
"Because you're afraid."
"No...yes, but that's besides the point. It looks weird when someone just howls like that."
"It does. Society made you think in a certain way, and when you have something different happening, it feels like a glitch. You wonder how to react. That's why kids light up when magicians are on the street, when dancers make moves. Those people who don't want to have a regular job makes others believe in the glitch."
"From my understanding, you made me be a part of the glitch, then you killed it."
"I guess I did."
"Therefore, what now?"
"I don't know.
"That's frustrating. Very frustrating. I'm really annoyed right now. I'm going home. I can at least cry myself to sleep and get back to being part of the regular people. I don't want to be a glitch."
"I think you were already one. That's why you were on the bench for so long."

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