Monday, 22 February 2016

Story #181 - Bartending affairs

"Yo, barmate, gimme anotha' one."
"In' that wha'cha called?"
"I'm a bartender, if you're talking about my job."
"Oh. Mate, tenda', what da difference?"
"We're not friends is what."
"Huuu, you offended o' somethin'."
"It's the first time I've seen, and you're drunk, so yeah."
"How'z about I buy ya one?"
"I'm fine."
"What then? Pussy? Drugs?"
"You a pimp?"
"Hah. Yous funny, mate. Nah. I jus' have clout."
"So, wha'chu want?"
"Anything but alcohol."
"Alright. Be back in a few."
"Like that'll happen."

"Back, barmate."
"Missed me?"
"We'll see."
"Fair enuff. Gimme yo palm."
"You playing an act?"
"Nah, mate. Come on."
"Like that?"
"Fuck, man. Is that...! Cocaine?"
"Yeah. A girl, too."
"You're doing this just so you can call me barmate?"
"Yusee, there's somethin' inner inside you, thas why ya soua grapey."
"I can make things happ'n. How'z about you ring me? He' mah card."
"I still don't know why you're doing this, but I'll take it."
"Cool. Enjoy, barmate."

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