Saturday, 20 February 2016

Story #179 - Moving out

There comes a point when you decide to move.
Either you want something bigger, or can't afford it any longer, or you're bored and need a change, when you have to pack up your things and get out is one of the worst things.
Unless you somehow have a place of your own in this climate, where you can live there for any number of years without the need to change things, this might not be valid for you.
But when the date looms in and you have to, after putting it over, take all your things out and pack them, you realize you will get a headache.

Having so many things out of nowhere, that you don't really know when they stacked up.
But you can kinda figure it out. Trousers here, a mic there, shoes somewhere else.
You came in the place with three bags and a backpack worth of stuff. Now you have double that. Although you wonder why, you kinda get it. You were hoping you'd spend a long time in this place. A year, two, maybe more. That hasn't happened.
Now you wonder what was going on through your head.
So you take a five minute breather, figure out what packing company to call, and get into it. The nightmare will be over for a while. Or so you hope.

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