Thursday, 18 February 2016

Story #177 - Change of hair

Alright. I'm going to change my hair color form black to blond, is what I told mom. She was fine with it. I wonder what she'll say when she sees the choice I've made.

"Hi, mom."
"Good lord."
"I haven't joined the church."
"Not that with dye, no."
"Come on. Everybody's doing it."
"No. People have blond, brunet, black, and red hair. There are occasional ones who go for pink, blue, purple, orange, and maybe some mix, but not what you have on."
"Okay, so not everybody has mine."
"Pretty sure you're the only one."
"I wanted to stand out."
"I'm sure you do. The police can keep a nice watch now."
"What kind of idiot would do something to attract attention?"
"There are plenty, but no one in their right mind would use this color."
"I don't care. I like it."
"When did you do the dye?"
"Two days ago."
"Been out?"
"To the grocery store mostly."
"What did they say?"
"Most of them had their jaws on the floor."
"How did that make you feel?"
"Sad for them."
"You think you want to revolutionize the hair industry?"
"Haven't thought about that. I wouldn't mind."
"That's not going to happen. Now change it back before you get a record or something worse."
"I'll be fine, mom. It's not that weird of a color, okay? People will accept it."
"I'm not accepting. Get out. Wear a hat if you want to come here again."
"Don't be like this."

Jeez. People are so finicky about it. Not like the bloody thing is that weird. Just bright.

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