Friday, 12 February 2016

Story #171 - Don't smile, don't laugh

I was walking hand in hand with my mom one morning. The sun was its usual self, giving us a chilly smile. Both my mother and I were wearing dark clothes, with her having a brown skirt, sweater, and boots, and me dressed in a navy blue jacket, jeans, and sneakers. I wasn't warm, and although we needed more garments, she refused it. "Why?" I had asked.
"It's the law, darling."
"The law?"
"You have to wear the same color, and you mustn't complain if you aren't lukewarm."
"They will take you, and I couldn't stand being away from you."
I didn't ask her anything after that. They will take me? I was a confused seven year old at this point. I guess that sometimes it's better to not ask questions.

We walked and walked between the unkempt streets with bricks as the ground and buildings made from concrete that covered everything. Come to think of it, even our house was one big box with the only light being from the light bulb in the center of the room. I had wanted to see the outside from within, yet when I asked, I wasn't answered. I guess this is why. I don't know what happened this time that mom replied with something other than "You mustn't know or ask these questions again." is beyond me. All I know is that she was shivering and her hand was holding on mine tightly, and although painful, I was glad about the warmth it provided.

As we continued our walk through these similar-looking areas, I saw something I shouldn't have. I know that since I stopped, my mom stopped and glanced where my eyes were, then dragged me away faster than I'd seen here do anything in her life, including admonishing me. A little girl was laughing with such a gleeful sound unlike any other I'd heard before, and not five seconds later, it was silenced by those mother warned me about.
I wish I could have heard that lovely noise for longer. I wish I could make it. I wish life would be different.

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