Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Story #169 - Half-time motivation

Every player comes back in the dressing room. Heads lowered, feet barely touching the concrete floor, bodies full of water, but nobody is breathing heavy.
The coaches come in. You could hear banging noises outside, chants, claps, jokes, and swear words. Nothing inside our rectangular space.
My colleagues were on the benches, on the floor, or leaned against walls. The head coach had his chin in his palm and cap over his eyes.
I looked around and I didn't see my teammates, only husks of people I used to know.
"Alright, listen up." I said as I started with a clap. "I don't understand why you're all like this. Before the match started we were joking and ribbing each other, saying that we'd kick their asses, and now look at you. I don't really understand what happened. Maybe because we have been trailing since the fifth minute, maybe because of a few mistakes. It doesn't matter. We are in the biggest match of our lives and we have to win this match. And we can win this match. Not too long ago we had shivers when we were facing some of the bigger names, yet here we are, in the final of the biggest competition our sport has to offer. And it feels like you guys just forgot it. You forgot your strengths, your skill, your unity. You forgot that not too long ago we were dreaming of being in this position and claiming the gold. Right now we are about to kick it away. We have one more shot once we go out there. And I know that after we retire, after we have won championships and cups, this trophy will be the biggest you could win. This will be the biggest treasure that you have. Because it's the first time. We don't know if there will be a second time, We can think about it when the time comes, but for right now, let's thing of the beginning. The beginning of the end for them. And the beginning of the best night for us and for our fans. I've enjoyed my time with you guys, and I don't know when it'll end, but I know that I want to go out there, and when I come back, I want to say that I met winners. What do you guys want to say?"

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