Monday, 8 February 2016

Story #167 - It was supposed to be a regular day (part 22)

"Well, you said you'd knock me flat on my ass, but you seem to have knocked yourself out." I know that Jim likes to toy with me, and as much as I've grown to hate him today, he has a bloody point.
"Don't worry. Once I get on my feet, I'll get to you." Even though I say that, I'm not sure I can convince myself of it.
"Are you that upset about what I did?"
"Well... Yes, but I'm also mad at myself for falling for it."
"And that means?"
"You made me embarrass myself and act stupidly around her."
"That's your fault, buddy."
I'd like to reply, however, I know the answer. He's right.
"Look. I get it. I'll let you punch me once in the belly if that will make you feel better."
I look at him with my eyes almost coming out, then I glance around with my eyebrows lowered. "Okay, I'll take you up on that offer. And I'm leaving after that."
I push myself and manage to stand up. My feet seem to have a mind of their own for a few seconds. I hate being drunk.
"Let's postpone the punch." Jim says.
"Getting cold feet?"
"No. I wouldn't want you to give me a weak one and be unhappy." He smiles.
"Do you always have to find the upswing to something?"
"No, but I like to." So he says. 
I wobble myself towards him, then I pass and nudge him with my elbow as I go beside his body. "That doesn't count." He laughs.

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