Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Story #161 - It was supposed to be a regular day (part 16)

As fast as I closed my eyes, I opened them. I looked around, but my spinning head wasn't of any help. I glazed at those two and noticed they were saying something. I couldn't hear anything. It felt like I had bad wiring all of a sudden and I couldn't make the frequency work, no matter what.
Jim reached out his hand and touched mine, and that made me step back. No. More like lunge back. So far back that I fell with the chair.
My innards turned on the key, and as they raced to get to the top, I raced to get to the bathroom.
Lights on, door's open, let's cross the finish line. Yeah! Somehow I don't feel like a winner.
Only three beers and I'm already flushed out? Life's not fair and today's not my day.
Right now, in my drunken mind, I have to decide if I am to stay and be like this, or go out on the street and be like this. My folks aren't home. I don't live that far from here, so it should be fine.
Oh, here it goes again...
Damn. Such horrible noises followed by a nasty taste. The first time I felt the love buzz, the first time I drank alcohol, and the first time I puked. What else can I achieve today?

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