Thursday, 3 September 2015

Story #9 - Waiting

Look at them, all dancing, all enjoying themselves.
I could go out there and dance, by myself. Although that's not really the point of homecoming, is it?
But if nobody asks me out, what can I do?
I know there's some spiced beverages around here....

I wish I was home. No, not home. My mother wouldn't get off my case... At the arcades... Yeah....
It would've been better than this nerdfest, that's for sure.

Look at them, showing off, strutting their stuff, their moves practiced at the disco. I could show them a thing or two. I've got it all in my head. I know that doing it for the first would be alright. I'm confident in that aspect. I'm not a stiff one. I....

I don't feel too good. If I'm gonna through up sooner or later, might as well go dance, alone.

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