Saturday, 26 September 2015

Story #32 - A lamp's life

Turn on, turn off. That's pretty much it, isn't it?
I don't get to be all glamorous like a wardrobe, where some humans get into and do all sorts of things, nor am I like my smaller brothers, the light bulbs from the kitchen, bathroom, and every other room. Even this one where I'm in. I know that I have a light bulb of my own, but it's not as powerful.
I don't get to see much action. Just some random people reading or working at night.
Sometimes a stupid human grabs it and hits someone. He ends up damaging the both of us. And if I'm damaged, chances are I'll be thrown away. I don't really want to have that misfortune. Having all sorts of other lamps, wooden material, and who knows what, crush me and make me uncomfortable. Hmm. I think I'm afraid of being surrounded by various objects, actually not surrounded, but more like being smothered and squeezed by all of them. Makes me unable to see. And if I cannot see, then I cannot be of any use, damaged or not.
Life as a lamp is so boring.
Oh, did I mention that I need electricity to work?
Which is probably why I'm thinking this right now, since this house, or rather, this room, doesn't have any. They have candles, though. Great. Stuck in perpetual darkness, alone. Why is there a spider approaching me?

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