Saturday, 12 September 2015

Story #18 - I wanna be a child again

Look at all these children playing, laughing, running. Tagging one another with a stick, playing hide and go seek, or cops and robbers, or making animals from mud, or castles.
So free spirited, so relentless in their joy.
I never had this youth when I was growing up. Had to get a job at twelve. From then on out it's been nothing but work and work. No school education, no knowledge of what makes the world tick, no chance of advancement. Perpetually stuck in low end jobs without a future in sight.
I wish I had a childhood. Even a bad one. Maybe not a bad one, but at least a decent one.
Now I can only dream as it gets close to 7 PM and I have to get to my night job. Ugh... Bills....

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