Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Story #22 - A drunk night (Part 4)

I'm knocking like a madman on this bloody door.
Steps are approaching it, slogging their feet, almost screeching the floorboards.
"Come on already."
I hear some mumbling curse word. The bastard was asleep.
The key is being rolled, the handle moved, and the lock is off.
"Why are you still sleeping?" I greet him with my hands on my hips, looking like the sky had just fallen over me. I don't know why I was like that.
"Because I'm hungover, and the last thing I need is your sorry ass yelling and shouting. Heck, even your face is enough to make my belly churn." He didn't even smile saying that. Then he moved aside.
"You kept telling me about Chloe or Katie, but I think you were too hammered to know with who I was with."
"I have a black-haired girl in my room. She's naked, sleeping, and while I didn't get to see her face, it's neither of those two."
"No, no, that thing really happened. I was awake at that point. I remember it clearly."
"Right..." I scratch my head and feel a bit appalled that I did that with Katie. If I indeed do it. "What else did I do?"
"You kinda jumped behind the bar and started messing with people's orders. For some reason, they let you do it at first, probably because there weren't many buyers, but then more came and they wanted to kick you out."
"I don't even know how to pour beer. Why would I do that?"
"Why do drunk people do stupid shit that they regret some time later?"
"Anyway, you started punching and kicking the guys, then the manager called the cops. It would've been cool seeing you go to jail, but I decided to not have to pay any money for that, so I grabbed you and we headed off."
"Just us two?"
"No. With the girls."
"We stopped in some alley and you started freaking out, yelling for no reason. I punched you in the gut and you stopped."
"Don't mention it. Oh, and then you went to pee on the side of a building. That was not cool."
"Not like I knew what I was doing."
"I guess so. Still not cool."
"What next?"
"I don't quite remember. I kinda turned fuzzy after this one myself. Probably the alcohol started to kick in. But I'm pretty sure at least one of the girls knows."
"Man, what a fucked up night, right? And I'm not like that when I'm drunk."
"I know. I was shocked myself. Maybe you took something else before we met?"
"No, not really. I was fine and dandy."
"Want something to eat or drink?"
"No. I want to find more about last night."
"Call Chloe. I'm sure she knows."
"I kinda dread that."
"Because of the fiddling thing?"
"Yeah. Since I don't find her mildly attractive."
"Hmm... Do you want me to call her and put her on the speaker?"
"Shit. Yeah. Do it."
"Okay. Just let me make a coffee and a sandwich first."

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