Friday, 11 September 2015

Story #17 - And the alarm doesn't really shut off

Dammit. the alarm is ringing again. Why did I put it so early?
"Wake up, honey. You have to go to work."
That's why.
"I don't really want to. Can't I take the day off and do something with you?" I said as I turned the other side and spooned her.
"Can't. I have a big day ahead of me." She took my hand off of her thigh. "I have a huge presentation that I need to rehearse once or twice for, and two meetings that should give the company some new investments, if I convince them in doing so."
"Oh, you'll nail them, I know you will."
"Good. If you have confidence in me, then I have confidence in you. Now go to work."
"You have to do better than that."
I shouldn't have said those words. She turned toward me and is pushing me away with her feet.
"Okay, okay. Geez, You don't have to be so rough."
"I've got my priorities. Lovemaking isn't in the schedule for this morning. It might be in the evening. But it might not be."
"Yeah. It might not be tomorrow, either."
"You're pouting now."
"Of course," I say while I'm putting my trousers on. "You're more important than any job, or any alarm clock. I just wanted to have some fun before I went to become brain dead."
"Why don't you change jobs?"
"It's a decent wage."
"Being comfortable isn't all that great, you know?"
"Probably not, but it's okay for the time being."
"I hope that you'll wake up one day and realize that comfort doesn't bring you forward. It doesn't bring you much, either."
"I'll think about it more on my commute."

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