Thursday, 24 September 2015

Story #30 - Daydreaming while waiting in line

Come on already. I've been here for over five minutes. How much longer do I have to wait?
I have ailments. A sick imaginary son at home, which they don't know about, probably don't care about, yet I have to make them upset about the fact that I have to wait in line.
I have two steady legs, but just for shits and giggles, I'll pretend one is lame. More so since it's a woman at the counter. My right one, since it's sturdier. Oh, if only I could spout some William for her.
I'm also getting hungry, of course. Not like I haven't eaten maybe a half an hour ago? Yeah...left home about that time, finished eating ten minutes beforehand, though my brain thinks otherwise. He wants food and more food. What can you do with a can't written wrongly?
This queue isn't really moving, and now I have to pee. And goddamn do I have to go. Something bigger than a tsunami. It might even break the toilet. But I can't. I'll lose my position. Arghh...
Oooohhh, we're moving!!! Yessssss!!!!
Noooo... What the hell was that? Just one person? One bloody person, and eight more to go?
I have to think of some William for that broad. An actor will be born today. Tomorrow, the theatre. Next week, the movie business. Next month, awards galore. So nice to daydream. Shame it don't pay.
If things go on like this, my imaginary son will have his own imaginary son. Hmm... A grandpa. Never imagine myself in that area.  Probably won't happen outside of this store. Or until the next one.

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