Sunday, 13 September 2015

Story #19 - A drunk night (Part 1)

What the hell happened last night?
Ugh... My body is so sore. Feels like I've been through hell and back, and now I'm left to wither away on this couch. Why am I on this couch, though? I'm in my own home, in my boxer shorts, having...some weird tattoo on my chest, right above my left nipple. It's a...a...something Asian. No idea. Can't even see straight right now.
I have to get off this couch and wash my face.
Upsy daisy... My legs can barely sustain me. What did I do to them? Did I walk all over the town?

Oh, man, I've been punched in the face, I guess.
It doesn't hurt, even though my eyes are as black as coal.
I'd like to take a shower, but I barely have enough power to slog around. Have to call James.

"Hey, man, how's it going?"
"Why'd you wake me up?"
"What time is it?"
"... Noon."
"So? You should be awake at this hour. I just woke up myself."
"After the night you had, I'm not surprised."
"I don't remember anything."
"Yeah, I know. You were knocked out once and somebody drove you home. I believe it was Katie or Chloe. Well, as soon you got some alcohol in you, you went mad."
"Wait, wait, wait, Chloe or Katie?! I don't even like them."
"That's not what I saw."
"Oh, god."
"Yeah. You fiddled around with both of them. I think you even went to the loo area together With one of them, I mean."
"Then what?"
"You were both smiling about a half an hour later. And you were kissing each other. Chloe, yeah. The Katie stuff came in later."
"I need to wake up properly. I need some coffee. I'll see if I can come by so you can tell me everything. Too much right now."
"Alright. Now let me sleep."

James hung up after that and I was speechless. I let the phone fall on the couch as I put my other palm over my forehead.

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