Thursday, 17 September 2015

Story #23 - A drunk night (Part 5)

It's ringing, and James is so relaxed, eating his ham and cheese sammie.
"Hello?" Her rustled voice reminded me why I dislike her.
"Hey, it's James. You alright?"
"I have this massive headache. We been drinking all night, haven't we?"
"Yeah. Some of us went crazy tonight."
"Could you believe what he did to me?"
"My mate?"
"I only saw you two coming out of somewhere together, both smiling."
"He proposed to me."
The f...?
"He what?" James doesn't know if he should laugh or be chill.
"He asked me to marry him, and I said yes. We did some other stuff, but that's between ourselves."
You fuckin' chubby bitch, with your shitty, braggadocious accent. Why, how can you... Grrr...
"Hmm, so that's why he was manic later on, kicking those bartenders and all that."
"He was just happy."
James let out a giggle. I was still red as a chilly pepper.
"Do you remember what happened after we left the place?"
"Me and Katie went home. You two went together."
"Really? Dammit. I can't think of anything that happened after that."
"Is it important?"
"Just curious. Okay. Well, talk to you later. I'll let you enjoy your headache. Bye."
She was gonna say something, but James hung up. Good.

"Man was she annoying."
"Annoying or not, you proposed to marry her. What was in your head?"
"Alcohol." We both laugh. "Doesn't matter now. I'd better swing by my place and see if that girl woke up."
"I'm coming with you."

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