Monday, 7 September 2015

Story #13 - Cooking smells, if you want it.

"What the hell is she cooking? What could be so awful?"
"I don't smell anything."
"Bollocks. You've been sitting in that chair for the past three hours, reading God knows how many newspapers, stewing on that cushion that's probably as flat as your ass, flavouring that pipe of yours with your lips like it's something else."
"Oh, be quiet, and let me enjoy my routine."
"Your routine? You don't do anything worthwhile in it."
"I actually do. I read about how theatre shows go, about the wonderful things that people do to make lives better. I see pictures of works of art and try to imagine the artist doing his job in making it happen."
"I see death, rape, murder, almost naked girls, so-called journalists embarrassing celebrities with horrible pictures. The things that you talk about are maybe one page out of twenty. Oh, and then there's sports talk, mostly football though. God."
"You see, my dear boy. You see what you want to see, smell what you want to smell, think what you want to think."
"I turn a blind eye to those because they're not worth my time. Will I remember those so-called bad things in a week, a month? Will they fulfill my life?"
"Exactly. So why should I waste my time with something that will make me grow with hate, be fearful of the outside world, be cold towards people and treat them horribly?"
"Well, I suppose to prepare you for the future?"
"Let me ask you this then. Do you think rich people, billionaires, multi-millionaires, or people who aspire to greatness. Do you think they read this stuff? Do you think they go about their day and say "Hey, look, somebody raped this woman." or "Look at how disfigured this child looks. It's funny." No. They don't have time for that, and usually someone else points it to them, and they might donate or try to help that person, or cause, or incident."
"So what does that have to do with the horrible cooking smell?"
"You choose to smell it and complain about it. I choose to not think about it because it doesn't affect me. You can go outside and have different smells at you. You don't want to make a difference in your life. Only show others how bitter you are, and then you wonder why they won't talk to you."
"Hmm. Changing is hard, though."
"Of course. That's why when it happens, something happens inside you as well. Whether good or bad, you decide."
"Okay. I'll let you read your paper."
"Going in your room?"
"No. Going running. I want to think a bit, and that always helps."

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