Monday, 21 September 2015

Story #27 - Oh, Sun

A big yellow dot
on top of the world.
Flashing us with his
warmth and sparkle.
making sure everybody
gets what's coming to them.

But it's more than a big dot
So much more.
Bigger than his weirdly shaped brother
that only comes out at night
as if it is a vampire.
Even so,
Sometimes, the weirdo bests his
yellow kin, showing him that he's not
all that great, after all.

Only from afar, though.
From close range, he would fade away
Everything would.
The big dot up in the sky
can get mean and bubbly
can get annoying and crummy
Sometimes, it's a blessing in disguise,
Other times, you wish you didn't have him.

So you curse at him,
want him to vanish,
want him to go back to where he came from.
Only... He didn't come from anywhere specifically.
He just appeared, once, and decided to stay.
unwanted, maybe, not like he cared.
Right now, there's nothing you can do
to change his mind.

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