Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Story #15 - Cropping rabbit

Once upon a time a rabbit ran through the bushes in a fast, zig-zagy manner. He left only mud behind him, even though it hadn't rained in over a week. He also destroyed all the planted fruit and vegetables that lay in his path. Everything looked like a tank had been passing by. Squashed, broken in half, trampled on, busting out.

After all that noise and commotion, the human who grew them came out. His eyes were bigger than his plums. Seeing his crop like that mad his skin turn beetish red. He wanted to scream, but his voice went lighter and lighter in that moment that when he when he opened his mouth, only air came out. So much of it came out he started choking. He put one hand on his scrounged neck, and one over his purple lips. He closed his lid and used his two air vents for inhaling and exhaling. He turned back to his colorless self again, and he turned his palm into a fist, squeezed it, and felt the nails throb into his moist skin, then he let go. Blood was pumping out. He didn't care.

Two weeks went by and the rabbit hasn't appeared since. The human's crop looked freshly planted, with tomatoes and potatoes in their infancy. This time, he was sitting on his porch, leaned against the house wall. He hands were tied in a pretzel knot, his fingers tapping on his biceps.
A noise came from behind a tree. It moved to a bush. Then to another. Then the noise came in plain sight.
The rabbit's coat was thicker than anything he'd ever seen before. The rabbit was bigger than he'd ever seen before. Almost the size of a Golden Retriever pup. The rabbit was sniffing in every direction apart from the house.

Then he turned his head.
He saw the man grab something shiny and long near his leg. He rose on his feet, growled, then dashed. In a zig-zag manner, he stomped on every piece of vegetable and fruit lying around.
The man had one eye closed as he was following him with the other. He used his right finger five times. Not even a scratch. He pressed a sixth time. Redness popped into the sky. The rabbit fled. His tomato didn't make it.

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