Friday, 4 September 2015

Story #10 - A killer and his victim

"I'm gonna kill you."
"I said I'm gonna kill you, and you say no?"
"You don't get to have a say in this."
"Why not?"
"Because that's not how this works."
"How does it work, then?"
"I'll do my job, and you end up screaming, if you're lucky, maybe ask or yell some stupid question, and that'll be it."
"Yeah. I've done it way too many times to not know the outcome."
"What'll happen to you in this case?"
"I'll vanish, and you'll be another body without an identified killer."
"That makes you a proper man, doesn't it? Taking somebody's life?"
"No, not really. It's just my kick."
"Your kick?"
"Yeah. Like some eat junk food, or watch sports, or go to concerts, I do this."
"How many have you killed before?"
"Twenty. Mostly males."
"Their faces weren't nice. And they treated their girls bad. Can't feel remorse for that."
"Why me?"
"You're too full of yourself. You won't amount to much in your life. I can picture you mooching from just about everybody you meet, including me. The world would be much better without you in it."
"What about yourself?"
"Me? I like to consider myself as a vigilante. Only I don't fight the mafia or drug dealers or whatever else. The police is for that. I fight those that have no real purpose here."
"And yours is to slay them. In other words, you don't have much of a purpose here either.
"I can see where you're going, but no. Well, say your payers. It's time to go."
"No, you can't."
"Because...I can make you feel good."
"I already have someone for that. Bye."

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