Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Story #218 - Lunch break conversation (part 16)

I decided to walk to the hospital. In the fifteen minutes that it took, I waited for a call, but it didn't come.
A tad disappointed, I went in the facility and approached the desk.
"Excuse me. A girl arrived here about twenty minutes ago, by the ambulance. Do you know where she might be?"
"Do you know her name?" The secretary, a plump lady with an apple in her left hand, that she munched from as I stepped inside.
"That's the problem. Nobody knows her real name. She gave a nickname to call her."
"What is it?"
"Purple Rain."
She's staring at me like I said something weird. "There was a girl that came in earlier, but you'll have to tell me how she looked like."
"Brown hair, a black jacket, and yellow trousers."
"Okay. She...was taken into E.R., so you can't go in there, but the waiting room is at the end of the corridor to your left."
"E.R.? Crap." I scratch my head as my eyes evade hers, then I look back and notice she's still looking at me. "Thank you." I bounce away from her, straight to the aforementioned area. Now If only someone would call me, or their parents, it would be great.

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