Thursday, 24 March 2016

Story #212 - Lunch break conversation (part 10)

'This is so tedious. I wonder if this is how dog lovers feel when they have to pick up their pet's crap, but probably less smelly and squishy.' The thoughts that go through my mind while I'm cutting grass with a stupid scissor.
"That's should do."
"Fantastic. What are we going to do next?"
"Find the needle in the haystack."
She's not smiling as she always does. Maybe she's tired? Bored? Probably Purple Rain does indeed like these menial chores. she a rich girl trying to see the hard life of the poor?
"Where are going to do that?"
"The haystack."
"Are you okay?" She approaches me and puts her backhand on my forehead. "You seem fine."
"Why'd you think I'd have a fever?"
"Because you haven't given me one of your remarks about the needle. I was expecting a complain, a cry, something. Oh, gosh, I broke you. I'm sorry."
She grabs my palm into hers and stares me in the eyes. I feel that she'll start crying anytime soon. 'Is this like a dream day or something? Going from bad to decent to bad? I'd better tell her...'
"I'm fine. I figured that you were joking about the grass, but that was true. Now I'm more leery when it comes to what we'll be doing, and I'll be taking them at face value."
There's silence now. I hear a growl. We both look down at her belly, then we get our eyes check each other out again.
"Guess that's our next stop," she quipped, giving me her smile once more. I could stare at it all week and not get hungry.

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