Thursday, 17 March 2016

Story #205 - Lunch break conversation (part 3)

Whilst I'm still looking like a scared kitten about to be put in a cage, and with no hopes of someone coming to my rescue, I see Sarah bring her head closer to mine. Scratch that. Make it in front of my face.
I feel the pulsating nostrils puffing over my lips, who have gone from having a little life in them to looking like they've been in the freezer for an hour. Her eyes want to collide with mine, but who would? I try to look at anything else, and it's so hard. Forehead, hair, nose, right side of face, ear, left side of face, lips, eyebrows...yeah, she can tell I'm shivering. Dammit, Sarah, didn't know you were this threatening.
"You know," she says and touches the tip of my pale nose with her regular sized fingernail, "You say dumb shit at times."
I keep quiet. I probably shed a pound of sweat already.
"And that's what drives me up the wall with you. But also why I hang out with you. If I'd leave you alone, you wouldn't know what to do by yourself. You're not much of a chatter, so no friends from class, yet you talk trash a lot, without warranting it to any extent. I'm not sure if you've been taught a lesson in your life. Have you?"
Crap. What do I do? I blink once. Hopefully she'll let me be.
"You haven't, just as I thought."
"I'll teach you a lesson right now." She stands up on her chair. "Hey, everybody."
And so it starts.

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