Saturday, 12 March 2016

Story #200 - Waiting to dance

As with anything in life, you get excited with something. When you go there and do it, it feels rather weird. You don't know what to do. "Should I join in?", "Should I watch?" "Nobody will dance with me."
I had those same thoughts, and I decided to watch. It was the safest option. The comfort zone. That such a horrible word. Comfort. Nothing good come out of it.
So I'm sitting there, pinned against the wall, watching people dance a dance I enjoy doing. They're smiling and laughing as they're doing rambunctious moves; heck even the basic ones are bringing them joy.
However, I'm not the only one in my predicament; that would've been weird to me, too. Plenty of guys and gals waiting on the sidelines to have a go at it. I don't blame the girls, they're waiting for the man to show up, and here they are, loitering like a pack of bums chain smoking on the last one they could afford.
I suppose some of them are shy, some others lack confidence, or don't want to embarrass themselves. It's normal. Heck, I'd go out there to do it, but I'm waiting for the song to change. And I've been saying that for the past five.
On the side, I see cute ones, not so cute ones, and I don't care. I'll dance. This is not the prom or some fancy schmancy date night. This is dance class where you can stay and do just that, you can sit on the sidelines for the whole evening, or you can pack up and go. I feel I made a big mistake coming here if I'm like this...
Oh, the song changed. And I'm still rooted to the brick wall. I can't change. I'm so annoyed at-
"Hey, would you like to dance?"
"Sure." I say after I spend a few seconds analyzing if she's talking to me or not.
Gulp. I hope I won't make it awkward.


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    1. I am not an essay writer.
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