Sunday, 27 March 2016

Story #215 - Lunch break conversation (part 13)

I stare at her as she's in my arms, wondering what I could possibly say when she'd wake up. I keep looking at her lips. 'Crap' I think I'm one of those guys that falls for girls who show them a little interest or emotion, and I don't know if that's such a good idea.
Upon leaving the stall, I hear the ambulance's siren. 'Bloody fast.' Which is a great thing.
I place her on a booth, and hold her head a little higher than her body. I have no idea what to else to do right now.
A minute later, two paramedics barge in the place; a male and a female. The female comes over.
"Thanks. I'll take it from here." I let go of her head and go back.
Instead of looking at what they're doing, I casually waltz to the bar counter and help myself with some of the tap water that was on display. I can't help but feel that I'm getting weird looks right now. Can't say that I blame them, if it is the case.
The paramedics are talking amongst themselves, and the male leaves, only to return with the stretcher.
"Does anybody know her name, or her family?" The female says.
"I go to school with her, but I don't really know much."
"Can you call her parents?"
"No, but I can call the school to find out. Or maybe she has her parents in her phone."
She checks Purple Rain's pockets. "Nothing."
"Okay. I'll call school. Are you going to the local hospital?" She nods.
While they're busy placing my colleague on the stretcher, I wonder how the hell am I going to find out her real name since I only know her nickname. Hmm...

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