Friday, 18 March 2016

Story #206 - Lunch break conversation (part 4)

All the people are looking at our direction. At her, not me, and that's a good thing. Depends on what she'll say.
"This guy," Sarah says as she points her finger at me, "fantasizes about the lunch ladies all the time. But he's too shy to ask them out."
A ladle falls on the floor, silencing those words.
There was a brief period where you could hear birds chirping outside, then parrots started diddling inside. A flurry of squawks commenced, loud as an echo in a church.
My head lowered itself. My feet showed signs of trepidation along with my fingers.
"She said something untrue," flowed through my head amid this panic, "but it was more damaging than anything right."
Sarah hooked my nose in between her pointer and middle fingers and raised it so she could see my eyes.
I could see her devilish smile while water plummeted down my chin. She unhooked me and my head fell flat on the side of the table.
"My life is officially ruined."
Then she grabbed my hand and dragged me away from there. I figured it was Sarah at first, yet her skin felt different.

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