Saturday, 5 March 2016

Story #193 - Humorless? (poem)

Looking back
into time,
you notice how
things have changed.

Some would say
for the better,
but is it really?

Once upon a time,
there were cartoons 
where the character shouted
"Let's kill the wabbit!
Let's kill the wabbit!"

That was funny, 
and hilarious,
and over the top.
And you laughed.
You still do.

Now you have guy 
saying in a movie
"That rabbit would
look good on the grill."
And it's not as nice.
In fact, it's quite bad.

We have grown
stale, boring, and sad.
Our humor has shifted
from jokes and gags
to ironic, sarcastic, pedantic

We've broken down walls
and put borders instead.
We've uncuffed ourselves
only to put chains instead.
Are we really going forward?
Or more to the side?

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