Monday, 28 March 2016

Story #216 - Lunch break conversation (part 14)

"Hello. This is-"
"I know. Ms. Jackson. It's me, Jeff. There's a situation."
"Oh, Jeffrey, what did you end up doing now?"
"Nothing really. Do you know about what happened this morning?"
"I've heard stories."
"A girl I've never seen before saved from that situation, and I need to call her parents. The problem is I don't know her exact name. She said it's Purple Rain."
"I think you have been daydreaming things."
"How could I when I left school at noon?"
"You know it's not good to skip classes."
"Yes, I know that, Ms. Jackson. But this is serious."
"How should I find out who she is? Perhaps scour an old vinyl of Woodstock?"
"Well...uh...if I describe her, can that work?"
"Sure. If you tell me her breast and waist size, I'm sure I can put an ad out. If you're that lonely, you can always come by my desk, darlin'."
"Ms. Jackson!"
"Look, Jeff. What do you want me to believe? A girl by the name of Purple Rain saved you during lunch?"
"Yes. Can't you check the cameras to see how she looks like?"
"I could, but recognizing her is a different matter."
"That would be great if you tried. I'd owe you one."
"The fun I'll have with-"
"Yes, yes, I'm sure. Goodbye, Ms. Jackson."
God. She's older than my mom, but way hotter... The hell am I thinking? Get it together. What should I do next?

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