Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Story #203 - Lunch break conversation (part 1)

Ugh. The bell finally sounded, along with my belly. Good thing they were happening at the same time and nobody could hear it.
"Hey, let's go." Sarah said, touching me lightly on my shoulder. Guess she was more eager to eat than me.
I placed my notebook under my desk, along with the pencil, and went after her.
As I caught up, I said "Cafeteria?"
"Where else?" Her answer came right away.
We had several options, but this was the closest and cheapest. Not the best, though. The meals here are almost junk food quality. Regardless, we joined the queue straight away. Plenty of people who like to infect their bodies with this drivel that doesn't do anyone any good in the long-term. I'm not at all surprised with a lack of jocks here. Their coaches must have their meals ready.
As I was day-dreaming about edible stuff, unknowingly, it had become my turn.
"Hello?" A voice crept up from my right side. "Hey, if you don't want anything, don't stand in line."
I blink a couple of times, then I turn to face the lady. Overweight, net hair, blue latex gloves, dirty apron. Pretty much like any other unhealthy person that serves this pish-posh. "Umm...I'd like..." I look through the window, hoping something new has arrived, but no such luck. "Steamed veg, please."
"As you always do," she sighs. "And you always dream when you're here."
"Save it." I almost want to ask her what her problem is, then she hands me the plate with boiled plants and I go about my way.

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