Monday, 14 March 2016

Story #202 - Stuck in a phone

I hate travelling by bus. It takes a long time. Too long. The longest.
But there's one thing that's good about these trips. You can see the sights.
Tall trees, small trees, stocky ones or stubs. Green, red, yellow, leafy or still, you can see them all.
See the hills, the bushes, the ditches, and the animals. Those lively creatures that aren't stuck cages, and are enjoying their lives. For a while, at least.
As I'm looking around the bus to see if there are any interesting people, I see this guy staring into his phone. Of all the things to do, your phone should be the least important right now. When you have nature, why is that piece of technology you use all the time used here, too?
Why don't you give it a rest for a while. Look outside, it's a beautiful world. Guess it's not worth it when you can see what you like on your phone. Sure, you can't smell, but watching it so close gives it a different dimension than what you'd get from a regular screen, no matter the zoom.
Oh, if only people would look outside once in a while, instead of glancing at pixels, maybe our world would be better.

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