Monday, 7 March 2016

Story #195 - Indoors

You should go out,
Let's go out,
You have to go out,
Let's get some air.

People keep saying that,
and they have a point,
but what they usually mean
is entirely different.

We go from our homes
to pubs, restaurants,
theatres, operas,
art galleries, museums,
concert halls and sports venues.

We don't just go out,
we go out to go in.

When we get drunk
we go indoors.
When we get high
we go indoors.

We see doctors indoors.
We see to-buy pets indoors.
We see musicians, artists,
comedians and athletes indoors.

What's not indoors
is looked at as if it's a
crazy thing, an indie thing,
a "what's that?" sort of a thing.

We are indoorsy people,
and that's okay.
After all, most of us are
born indoors.

But could you please
stop saying
"Let's go out"
when you're referring to

*I know. Some of the stuff I wrote happens outdoors, too, but it doesn't happen every day. And it's mostly a special event.

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