Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Story #211 - Lunch break conversation (part 9)

"Are we gonna go for a run?" I say, surprised at us arriving at a park of all places.
"No. You'll see."
"Surprise, right."
I look around and notice how there aren't many trees, although the area is huge. As we're walking, I see no other people, but I also see no places to hide, other than some small bushes where you'd have to be crawled to not be observed.
"Okay. This is it."
Huh? "Are we picnicking?"
"No, silly, we're going to cut the grass."
Err... "What? With what? And it looks just fine to me."
"I have scissors in my backpack. Two of them."
"Is this your job or something?"
"You could say that."
That means it's not? I'm confused. I thought we were going to have fun, not work.
While I'm glancing at an empty space in the grass, she hands me a pair of scissors.
"You weren't kidding when you said scissors. I thought you forgot the word for shears, but no."
"It's more enjoyable like this."
If looks could hit, mine would smack her.
"We'll only do this for half an hour. Here's a bag for the tips."
"Grass tips."

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