Friday, 4 March 2016

Story #192 - Waking up (poem)

You wake up,
but you don't want to.
You check your watch,
and wish you hadn't.

You close your eyes.
Nothing happens.
You open them,
and your belly flutters.

You press it down,
trying to stomp it,
trying to overcome these
feelings, emotions, sentiments,
that come out of nowhere.
Or do they?

Don't they exist solely
in your head?
Don't they manipulate you
by their own will
and then laugh at you
as you're down?

That's when you want
to do all those
unspeakable things...

But some days
it's better to wake up,
to open your eyes wide,
smile, and say:
"Hey, I'm okay.
Today's gonna be great."

As long as you can smile,
and somehow make it
into a laugh, or a giggle,
you know, something joyous,
you will have a great day.

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