Sunday, 20 March 2016

Story #208 - Lunch break conversation (part 6)

Still embraced, she whispers in my ear. "I wouldn't have minded if you would have kissed me."
My eyes freeze and my arms shudder; my fingers start tapping on her back. "I didn't mean to make you more stressed." She giggles, then lunges her face away from mine. "Are you fine now?"
I smile. I think.
"Anything planed for today?"
I imagine various answers to this question in my head, from long-winded ones to a simple "No," which should have been the one to say, yet I use this one. "I was thinking of going out. Don't know where. But that may have changed now."
"Yeah. You have class this hour."
"I can not go. I'm a free man." She laughs.
"Okay. I'll meet you outside by the library in five minutes."
With that being said, we departed, me baring my not so bright teeth at her, as she hid hers in a cute way.
I walked down the corridors until I reached my class. One step inside and there was dead silence. Eyeballs projected themselves like laser against my flesh, wanting to seep a hole through my still toasted ass. I acted like I didn't care and went for my bag.
There was a drawing on my desk. A crude drawing with a naked version of me and the chubby lunch lady. Above it was written "Fatty fucker". I stared at it a little bit, hearing giggles as a result, then I grabbed my stuff and left.
I wanted to punch somebody, Sarah more than anyone, but I have to let go of that anger if I am to enjoy what this girl will have in store. Speaking of which, I don't know her name.

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