Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Story #210 - Lunch break conversation (part 8)

"We've been walking fast, but you haven't said where we're going."
"It's a secret," Purple Rain says, giving me her nonchalant smile.
"Oh." I lose a beat for a few paces.
"You don't like surprises?" She notices.
"I won't say no. I was simply curious."
Silence spreads as I made it awkward. Figures. I'm good at that.

My phone buzzes. I take it out of my jacket and see the message. "You have been walking for an hour. You have passed today's goal. Good job." It makes me smile. No other notifications. I put it back in.
"I didn't realize we've been moving for so long."
"How long?" Our first bit of conversation since then.
"Over an hour."
"Really? Feels like ten minutes."
I check my watch. More like half an hour. I forgot that the app checks every step.
"Do you like walking?"
"I do. I walk every day from my place to school, and back. And town, too."
"How long does that take?"
"About an hour each way. The walks into town differ, but at least forty minutes."
Geez. "Isn't it easier to take the bus or something?"
"Definitely, but the easy way isn't always for me."
"Although it's the fastest in this situation."
"I like to exercise, and since I spend in school over half a dozen hours, I might as well find some means of workout."
Guess I didn't see it like that.
"Speaking of which, we're here."
A park?

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