Monday, 30 May 2016

Story #279 - The smell of nicotine

"You alright, Alice?"
"I'm actually not. I think I need a fix."
"You told you quit smoking a couple of days ago, but look at you now, shivering, looking all pale like you've been visited by the ghost of the future."
"Shut up. I know you like a cig now and then. Use one."
"You wanna watch me puff?"
"You for real?"
"Do it already."
"Ugh, it's like you don't know how to smoke at all. You're taking away the cool stuff about this thing and making it awkward and ugly. I've had boys tell me they don't like girls nicotinizing themselves. I can see why, now."
"Nicotinizing? Wow. But you've smoked with me before, you knew how I did it."
"Didn't pay as much attention as I am now. Blow some of that scent in my face."
"Do it already."
"... There."
"Ahhh, I feel normal again."
"You're nuts."

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