Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Story #267 - Waiting for that call

Alright. They told me they'd call me today. It's 8 a.m.. Too early. I know. But I can't keep my eyes off of it. What to do in the meantime? Go for a run? I don't have where to keep my phone. Damn. Maybe tomorrow. For now, I'll eat something and watch a movie.

Been three hours since and my phone hasn't been lit once. Dammit. I'll read.

Alright. I need a break from that book. After five hours, you tend to get hungry. Hmm...when's that call gonna happen? You'd expect people that want to hire you ring between 12 and 2. I hope they're late.

9 p.m.. Haven't done anything today other than read and watch movies. My phone wasn't used at all. I even checked to see if the signal failed, but no, it was fine. Guess they don't want me. Their loss. I feel like grabbing some ice cream right now. Comfort food at its best, one dollop at a time.

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