Sunday, 15 May 2016

Story #264 - Gigging

Sometimes, after travelling miles and miles to go from one place to another, you ask yourself that fundamental question that pops up into everyone's mind, those that do this thing that is.
"Is it still worth it?"
Bus trips, time wasted travelling, money spent on crap food, unneeded alcohol, sometimes paying for a last minute hotel stay. They take their toll after a while. Wallet, and mental.
You get it. You get a kick out of what you're doing. The audience, or a few from there, get the gist of what you're doing, too, and that makes you happy.
Those sacrifices will burn you out at some point. you'll end up in your cave, stay there for a while as you go to work sulking and not bothering to talk to anyone about it since they don't get you.
Once in a blue moon you get so distressed that you make a plan. "If I'm not there in x number of years, I'll quit." And what will you do once that calendar goes completely blank. You'll start eating more crap food, drink more, heck, even take a new vice for a change. Right? It's supposed to be a new you.
Then you get so bored that you try to get back to where you were, except that you're going to go about it differently.
Hmm...decisions, decisions...

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